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Interview With Donna Jane Campbell

In a recent e-mail interview with KindredSpaces Project Librarian, Donna Campbell shared the fascinating story of the development of the Ryrie-Campbell Collection and the KindredSpaces project.

Q: When did you first begin collecting Montgomery material, and what was the impetus behind that initial collecting?

September 2018 -- Special Items Now Available!

The Ryrie-Campbell Collection Special Items -- an assemblage of ~30 unique and fascinating postcards, photos, letters, and other memorabilia from Montgomery's documenting various stages of her remarkable life and career -- have been digitized and catalogued, and are now available online through Kindred Spaces. Thanks, once again, to L.M. Montgomery Research Associate Dr. Donna Jane Campbell, whose generosity and support make KindredSpaces possible. 

CBC PEI Story on KindredSpaces

Thanks to Nancy Russell for a great radio and online story re: KindredSpaces.  

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